Event Planning and Design

the real meaning of life is to discover your gift and then give it away
~ Clarke Allen from The Inevitable Box
style isn't just about what you wear it's about how you live
~ Lilly Pulitzer
no limit exists for what can be imagined and created
~ Clarke Allen
when you’ve finished doing something, you should say 'I’m finished', not 'I’m done'. turkeys are done. people are finished.
~ Sikky Rogers
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full service event design
and production

At Clarke Allen®, our staff is extremely motivated and dedicated to making every celebration a reflection of the host’s personality, taste, and budget. Our creative experience, attention to detail, and network of vendors ensures that your event will be a memorable occasion.
We continue to set an exceptional industry standard by offering the following services:

  • Creative and customized event design
  • Wedding design, consultation, and coordination
  • Theme development
  • Managing & coordinating all event logistics
  • On-site management
  • Venue selection
  • Budget planning & management
  • Contract negotiations
  • Menu development
  • Entertainment management
  • Staging and show production
  • Destination Management
  • Transportation
  • Tours
  • Videography
  • Custom video production

Dr. Maya Angelou dubbed him a “giver of joy”. He knew that no matter where his professional ventures might lead him, he wanted this title to be the guiding core of his work. Clarke takes that role on with a deeper meaning and purpose to a vast audience with his down-to-earth and heartfelt life and work experiences and adventures.

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Clarke Allen Clarke Allen

CEO of CA Group




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